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We know that our customers demand the highest quality parts and accessories, and that's why we provide Volkswagen Original Parts. Our Volkswagen Original Parts are perfectly matched to your vehicle because they are designed at exactly the same time as your vehicle was. Our highly trained personnel are always here to ensure that you get the right parts or accessories, when you need them!



Parts Department - Service & Parts - Maple Volkswagen

Safety Engineering


It is important for the safety and performance of your vehicle to be properly equipped with genuine Volkswagen parts. The safety engineering video demonstrates why it is imperative for vehicle owners to have genuine parts rather than non-genuine parts.


Safety should not be compromised, and here at Maple Volkswagen we make safety a priority. The video clearly shows the difference genuine parts can make during a collision compared to non-genuine parts. Non-genuine parts are not able to absorb the collision well, which causes more damage to the vehicle. And more damages means more repair and more repair means more money. To repair a vehicle that has non-genuine parts will cost you three times the price than repairing a vehicle with genuine parts.


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