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Free alignment check with any paid VW Service
Free Alignment Check

Do you ever start to notice that something just isn’t quite right? Are you drifting in one direction or another? Is the steering is off? Does the angle of the wheel seem misaligned? These are some of the surest indications that you’re in serious need of a wheel alignment.

Depending on the vehicle, proper wheel alignment involves setting the camber (inward or outward tilt of the wheels when looking head on), caster (wheel tilt front or back looking from the side) and toe-in or toe-out (looking down at the wheels from above). The adjustments are measured in fractions of an inch and require specialized alignment equipment.

Wheel alignment isn’t usually listed by vehicle manufacturers on the recommended maintenance schedule, so how often it should be done is open-ended. If your vehicle tracks as straight as an arrow, you’re wheels likely are properly aligned. It is a good idea to have your alignment checked annually, such as when you have your tires rotated.

Let us take a look and have you driving back in a straight line again, by scheduling a service appointment with our VW experts today!

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